Thursday, September 11, 2014

SimCity BuildIt Have been Introduced for Android

Electronic Arts is getting a brand new SimCity game to Android by means of SimCity BuildIt. This is not the very first SimCity game on Android, SimCity Luxurious was formerly available but continues to be taken lower in the Google Play store.

SimCity BuildIt Have been Introduced for Android

Recommended like a "SimCity game like you haven't seen before, created for players on the runInch the game's official page states it'll have " three dimensional-quality graphics." Game play smart there's very little known how this edition is going to be like other SimCity games. I'm not sure when the statement that it's like something we've never witnessed before is really a promise or perhaps a threat.

The newest SimCity on PC created a bad style of many players' mouths, just how farmville is going to be similar or different should alllow for a fascinating release to follow along with. Most probably a totally free to experience title, it will likewise need to follow another previous EA debacle triggered by Dungeon Keeper.

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Google Hangouts 2.3 Update Delivers Outstanding Google Voice Integration Plus A Huge Visual Overhaul [APK Download]

We saw Google Voice integration go reside final night, however it contained numerous problem which this update is anticipated to fix. However as exciting as this is, what's more instantly striking will be the new visual redesign.

Google Hangouts 2.3 Update Delivers Outstanding Google Voice Integration Plus A Huge Visual Overhaul [APK Download]

What is New
Using the quantity of smudging this publish needed, I really feel like I have been working on classified paperwork. The new version of Hangouts plasters your email address completely all over the place. It is not an issue when using the application, however it does make for a few instead swirly screenshots.

Correct from the gate, the brand new UI is significantly greener. As Google prepares Hangouts for your subsequent version of Android, it's produced the application much more colorful, and also the toolbar now features a vibrancy that it previously did not. Functionality-wise, the more urgent alter right here is the addition of tabs. By default, there are two: a contacts tab and one listing your prior chats. Swiping now switches in between tabs, therefore the old swipe-to-archive performance has kicked the bucket.

If you set up the brand new Hangouts Dialer, the amount of tabs jumps to three. Regardless of its personal Play Shop presence, the Dialer isn't its own devoted app. It simply hyperlinks to Hangout's voice tab. Benefit from the additional icon inside your application drawer.

Google Voice integration makes its presence known within the app's options. In the event you meander more than, you'll come across the option to ring Hangouts for incoming calls to your Google Voice quantity.

According to the supplied Google assistance web page for integrating Voice with Hangouts, when new voicemail messages arrive, a new unread notification will appear at the leading from the Hangouts list using the voicemail icon within the message. You are able to then click the perform icon to hear the concept.
We have waited a long time for this, so if you have not currently carried out so, feel free to scroll down and show any of the three mirrors below how terribly you've desired to accessibility Google Voice from Hangouts.

The APK is signed by Google and updates your current app. The cryptographic signature ensures the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of wait for Google to push this obtain for your gadgets, which can take times, obtain and set up it just like every other APK.

File name : (22031189).apk
Version : 2.3
File size: 14.14 MB
MD5 : 421415cb3ff7cb3f349cd57ba717097a
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  3. MEGA mirror


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Eco-Friendly Data Centers Do Their Part to Green Up the Planet

More people than ever before believe climate change is real. The growing support for concrete steps to fight it forces governments and companies to seriously consider ways to cut carbon emissions and use cleaner sources of energy. This process is not easy, but more companies see the savings outweigh the costs when going eco-friendly. Data centers are now at the forefront of that effort.

Data Centers Use Dirty Fuel?

As an average person, you may wonder why data centers are carbon emission offenders. Since they rely on electricity on the grid, it would be a common assumption that the energy comes from various sources. However, the truth is quite different. According to the EIA 42% of all electric power produced in the United States comes from coal. Another 25% comes from natural gas. Looking at these numbers, roughly two-thirds of all electricity produced in America comes from fossil fuels. Data centers use a large amount of power everyday and the energy they consume grows with the demand for more cloud computing services like streaming video and other forms of data storage. It was something no one really expected. IT companies know of the growing problem and already actively seek solutions to shrink their carbon footprints

Taking Steps To Solve The Problem

For most companies, the long-term solution of increasing the share of renewable power they use to power their data centers is not practical in the short-term. Due to costs and political barriers, it could take another full decade, if not more, for renewable energy to reach shares at the level of coal electricity. The best and most effective step companies can take now is to find ways to reduce energy use and make changes in the infrastructure of their data centers. Many of these steps are easy and cheap to do. Here are some ways data centers now cut down on electricity use.

Cooling and Lighting

A big source of the energy drain for data centers is cooling and lighting. Since people make use of cloud computing around the clock, the servers can't turn off like other electronics. This means data center servers face the constant threat of overheating. To face this problem most companies spend millions for cooling systems that exacerbate the energy problem. Put simply, it takes even more power to cool servers constantly year round. Lighting makes the problem worse by emitting heat and using even more electricity. New solutions for this include LED lighting and designing data centers to use natural cooling sources like outside air and open aisles. Companies also employ new technologies like motion sensors so data center cooling system only work when needed.

Backup Power

Another threat to cloud computing is backup power. When a major storm hits an area like New York, the damage for the IT infrastructure is astounding because power gets shut down and data lost. To prevent this, many data centers have redundant back up systems. These take extra power. Some companies are looking at implementing renewable energy sources to power and charge back up systems.

Energy Efficient Servers

Another way to cut energy use is the servers. A simple step is for companies to buy EPA certified servers. These servers are certified for their increased energy efficiency. Each of these steps alone might seem small, but together they provide significant step forward towards making data centers more energy-efficient and pushing for larger changes in other aspects of business to fight climate change.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

4 Tips Where you can Sell Your Old DVDs to Make Money

Sell Your Old DVDs in Bulk On Online Retail Sites & Make Good Money 

Don’t let unwanted DVDs usurp space in your home anymore. If you don’t want them, sell them away and make money. You can choose to sell for profit or give away the return to charity organizations but both ways giving away the old and usable DVDs while they’re working is better idea than letting them gather dust. If you want to keep some titles, digitalize them first rather than holding back the DVDs. You can sell your old DVDs to make money on reseller outlets in your city or publicize their availability online at various sites. The difference between selling at online retailers like Amazon and through real stores is that the former won’t give you higher profit.


It’s a popular auction site where you have to pay registration fee and can transact as buyer, seller both. Selling on eBay can get solid returns but you do have to invest some time in creating auction for every DVD you put up and fill in description on title, condition and expected price et. You will also have to interact with potential buyers who will put up questions and when you make a sale package the DVDs and ship them. eBay however, is much faster than most other auction sites in term of buyer reactions.


Another hotspot for old DVD resale, Amazon lets you can get buyers over a longer time frame but returns may be better. In fact you get very attractive prices almost several times more than on sites. Again, it’s hard work listing items, buyer dealing and other must-dos. Also, Amazon like eBay charges for registering an account with them at least for item listing and closing fee apart from commission.


There’s a plethora of other sites you can check out on internet for posting info on your old DVDs and getting quotes. These include zapper-where you also get free postage, lunchboxrecords, Google Base,, Craigslist, and many other small and lesser known players that offer equally good returns. Through them you can let your prized old DVDs exchange hands to someone who can have and enjoy them.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Steps For Upgrading Your iPhone

Upgrading your mobile phone is always a tempting thought. As people who consume and utilise a lot of technology, wanting the very best from our gadgets is only natural.

Even if you own an iPhone, one of the leading smart devices around, there will always come an inevitable time when the urge to upgrade comes along. This does, however, involve a number of things to consider. With this in mind, here are a few things you might want to think about to make the process easier.

When To Upgrade

When you want to upgrade will vary from person to person, and it depends on what you actually want from a handset. Are you a technology aficionado who simply wants the latest gadget in your hands as soon as possible? Or are you more conservative with your money, wanting to get the most value for your spending?

Either case has a bunch of factors with it to consider. In short, however, you need only upgrade when the time suits you. Some people want the newest phone as soon as it comes out; others are more than happy to wait. As long as you don't feel pressured, and can comfortably afford the upgrade, there's no argument to not do so.

What To Do With Your Old Phone

Whilst it’s great to talk about and consider new phones, the question still remains as to what to do with your old phone. The best solution is to turn it into money, which can help towards the current costs to upgrade. This though brings up another common question; wherecan I go to sell my iPhone?

To answer this shortly, you don't need to go anywhere. The best offers are found from those online, who offer competitive amounts to recycle your phone. There's no need to wander around your town or a shopping centre when all you need to do is head online, look up your phone and get an instant quote. If you're happy with this, you need only send it in the post. It’s quick and simple.

Your Next Phone?

Finally, bear in mind that your next phone doesn't always need to be the next generation of iPhone. Whilst Apple's handy little smart device certainly has its uses and appeal, it’s not the only competitive phone on the market. With the likes of the Samsung Galaxy range and the Sony Xperia models, you're not without alternative options. Personal preference will always be a big factor, but the phones do have slight variations that are worth paying attention to.

This of course, also depends on what you want. Do you want to try android, or a larger screen or something different? Each phone has a lot to offer, so it might be worth taking the time to think and consider what it is you're looking for in a phone. Of course, if you're familiar and well adjusted to the Apple phone and its operating system, then getting the latest iPhone will always have its advantages.