Thursday, September 11, 2014

Google Hangouts 2.3 Update Delivers Outstanding Google Voice Integration Plus A Huge Visual Overhaul [APK Download]

We saw Google Voice integration go reside final night, however it contained numerous problem which this update is anticipated to fix. However as exciting as this is, what's more instantly striking will be the new visual redesign.

Google Hangouts 2.3 Update Delivers Outstanding Google Voice Integration Plus A Huge Visual Overhaul [APK Download]

What is New
Using the quantity of smudging this publish needed, I really feel like I have been working on classified paperwork. The new version of Hangouts plasters your email address completely all over the place. It is not an issue when using the application, however it does make for a few instead swirly screenshots.

Correct from the gate, the brand new UI is significantly greener. As Google prepares Hangouts for your subsequent version of Android, it's produced the application much more colorful, and also the toolbar now features a vibrancy that it previously did not. Functionality-wise, the more urgent alter right here is the addition of tabs. By default, there are two: a contacts tab and one listing your prior chats. Swiping now switches in between tabs, therefore the old swipe-to-archive performance has kicked the bucket.

If you set up the brand new Hangouts Dialer, the amount of tabs jumps to three. Regardless of its personal Play Shop presence, the Dialer isn't its own devoted app. It simply hyperlinks to Hangout's voice tab. Benefit from the additional icon inside your application drawer.

Google Voice integration makes its presence known within the app's options. In the event you meander more than, you'll come across the option to ring Hangouts for incoming calls to your Google Voice quantity.

According to the supplied Google assistance web page for integrating Voice with Hangouts, when new voicemail messages arrive, a new unread notification will appear at the leading from the Hangouts list using the voicemail icon within the message. You are able to then click the perform icon to hear the concept.
We have waited a long time for this, so if you have not currently carried out so, feel free to scroll down and show any of the three mirrors below how terribly you've desired to accessibility Google Voice from Hangouts.

The APK is signed by Google and updates your current app. The cryptographic signature ensures the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. Instead of wait for Google to push this obtain for your gadgets, which can take times, obtain and set up it just like every other APK.

File name : (22031189).apk
Version : 2.3
File size: 14.14 MB
MD5 : 421415cb3ff7cb3f349cd57ba717097a
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