Saturday, October 5, 2013

4 Tips Where you can Sell Your Old DVDs to Make Money

Sell Your Old DVDs in Bulk On Online Retail Sites & Make Good Money 

Don’t let unwanted DVDs usurp space in your home anymore. If you don’t want them, sell them away and make money. You can choose to sell for profit or give away the return to charity organizations but both ways giving away the old and usable DVDs while they’re working is better idea than letting them gather dust. If you want to keep some titles, digitalize them first rather than holding back the DVDs. You can sell your old DVDs to make money on reseller outlets in your city or publicize their availability online at various sites. The difference between selling at online retailers like Amazon and through real stores is that the former won’t give you higher profit.


It’s a popular auction site where you have to pay registration fee and can transact as buyer, seller both. Selling on eBay can get solid returns but you do have to invest some time in creating auction for every DVD you put up and fill in description on title, condition and expected price et. You will also have to interact with potential buyers who will put up questions and when you make a sale package the DVDs and ship them. eBay however, is much faster than most other auction sites in term of buyer reactions.


Another hotspot for old DVD resale, Amazon lets you can get buyers over a longer time frame but returns may be better. In fact you get very attractive prices almost several times more than on sites. Again, it’s hard work listing items, buyer dealing and other must-dos. Also, Amazon like eBay charges for registering an account with them at least for item listing and closing fee apart from commission.


There’s a plethora of other sites you can check out on internet for posting info on your old DVDs and getting quotes. These include zapper-where you also get free postage, lunchboxrecords, Google Base,, Craigslist, and many other small and lesser known players that offer equally good returns. Through them you can let your prized old DVDs exchange hands to someone who can have and enjoy them.