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Cool Windows 8 gadgets for Desktop

Cool Windows 8 gadgets for Desktop

Windows 8 is the newest and latest edition of Windows Operating System launched by Microsoft. Even before the launch of Windows 8, customers had shown interests in the new Windows 8 gadgets which would be available. The Windows 8 developer version was downloaded by many people to check out the cool Windows 8 gadgets for Desktop. The new gadgets had a lot of new features. The gadgets are blended with a cool and stylistic appearance and are less RAM consuming than the previous gadgets of Windows 7. With 3D reflections and 3D effects, these gadgets are more fun to use and more users friendly. However, Microsoft has disabled the option of uploading new gadgets from unofficial sources in the net in order to protect the user.  But this doesn’t mean that you cannot get new gadgets. Microsoft has however enabled the use of CSS3 and HTML5, through which gadget developers can build new and exciting gadgets for Windows 8. 

Some of the cool Windows 8 gadgets for Desktop are listed below.

Win8 Weather gadget
This is the weather gadget for Windows 8. The Win8 Weather gadget collects information from different weather stations situated across the globe and provides information regarding the weather and climatic conditions of a place. The gadget also gives information regarding the maximum and minimum temperatures of a place, relative humidity, dew point, etc. One can also enter their own location coordinates and get updates on an hourly basis.

Countdown Timer & Future Clock
This gadget is basically a counter. The user can enter the date and time of future event and the gadget will keep a track of how many days, hours and minutes are left for the occasion.
This an interesting gadget developed by Microsoft. It is basically a clock, but the design and the functioning are unique. It is an ideal reproduction of what a clock might look like in the future.   

Game card viewer
The Game card viewer is the Xbox 360 games. It enables the user to view their game cards and also view their achievements in various games and also to keep track. When the gadget is run, it opens in a Fly out window showing the list of your Xbox 360 games.

CPU Meter & AlertCon
This gadget is very helpful. The gadget shows a CPU meter which indicates what amount of the CPU is being used and what portion of the RAM is working. It also gives information regarding the system memory usage.
This is also a useful gadget. It provides the AlertCon status of your PC directly at the (Internet Securities Systems site). The status is refreshed automatically every hour.

PlayStation 3 gadget & FTP Access
This gadget provides news and updates about the latest and hottest games released by Sony for the PlayStation. It also gives information regarding release date of anticipated games for the Sony PlayStation. Overall this is very useful for game lovers.
The FTP Access is a gadget which provides a much faster and efficient technique to log into an FTP server.

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