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Android Apps Offer Help to Vision Impaired

Android Apps the Vision

People who are visually impaired are usually left behind in the world of technology. Developers seem to forget that there is a certain percentage of the population that are visually impaired yet computer and technologically savvy. Thankfully for this special group of people, apps developers are coming through for them and now there are a number of apps available for the visually impaired. Now they can function just like the sighted populace talking, texting and participating in online forums. Here are a few of these apps and how they benefit the visually impaired.

1. BrailleTouch is an open-source mobile app that is being developed by Georgia Tech. The app features six buttons (three on either side of the screen) and is used with the screen facing away from the user. The user will type using the six-dot code Braille characters that represent the English alphabet along with different combinations of dots being used to form each letter of the alphabet. The app reads out the letters to the user as he or she types allowing them to do so at speeds of up to 32 words per minute and while maintaining an accuracy rate of 92%.

2. Big Digital Clock

This clock is fully customizable with a display of very large numbers showing the time. The visually impaired will have no problem reading the time on this clock, which can easily be kept on their desk or nightstand. The clock features a fully customizable display that allows the user to change the font, color and the background to suit their liking. The font that is used is inflated, making it possible for the visually impaired to find the largest possible font display that suits their device.

3. Text to Braille

This is a great app for every visually impaired and basically anyone who was ever curious about what their name would look like in Braille. It requires the simple step of entering your name or writing a sentence in the text field then tapping the convert button. The words will appear in Braille. This is a fantastic app for anyone interested in Braille basics, as it can ideally be used to educate oneself about it.

4. VisionSIM

VisionSIM was developed by the Braille Institute not for the visually impaired, but to help those with a healthy vision gain some insight into how people with certain eye conditions see the world. These include cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma or cataracts. Special filters are applied to the screen of the Android (using its camera) so that the symptoms of the various diseases are stimulated. Those with an iPhone and iPad can access the app.


If you or a loved one with an eye problem are having problems remembering to use your eye drops then this is the app you'll need to solve that problem. This app is an eye medication reminder. It supplies the user with a database on all the eye medications, and allows them to capture a picture of each bottle. The app can also be used to give reminders about eye nutrition supplements.

All these apps are wonderful additions to the lives of the visually impaired and those who assist them. Now the visually impaired have more independence than they ever knew before and it's all thanks to apps made especially for them.

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